PP Material Cup Shape Road Sweeper Brush for Machine

PP Material Cup Shape Road Sweeper Brush for Machine The installation and disassembly of the snow removal brush and the vehicle is simple and convenient. It can be manufactured according to customer requirements. The snow sweeping brush is one of the road sweeping brushes, used to clean the accumulated snow on the road. Tufted roller brush with high-quality synthetic fibres. Designed for optimum flexibility, performance and convenience.

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Sanitation brush is a kind of brush made by drilling holes at a certain angle on a cut PP disc, and then inserting it in series with a cut flat steel wire and other bristles after folding. It should be noted that the angle of the cut PP disc should be less than 135 °, this brush is mainly installed in the municipal sanitation vehicles, mainly used to sweep the streets and the streets of the accumulated dust and snow.Widely used in the cleaning industry, mostly used for road cleaning, with cleaning vehicles to use better results. Preferred materials, fine workmanship, long service life.
Name PP Material Cup Shape Road Sweeper Brush for Machine
Bristle material PP, PP and steel mixed
Plate PP
Size Custom size
Color Black, yellow
Package Carton or plywood case
Delivery time About one week
1. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing road sweeper brushes. 2. For some special types of brushes, we can produce them according to the samples you send us and send them to you for confirmation. Once all the details are confirmed correctly, we then start the order.1. Can the brush size be customized? A: Of course, we can produce according to the drawings or samples you provide. 2. What is the minimum order quantity? A: Samples are also available, according to your requirements. 3. Is there any stock? A: Yes, there is a small amount of stock in the factory. 4. How long is the delivery time? A: About 5-10 days, if it is urgent order, please let us know in advance. 5. How to contact you quickly? A: You can through WeChat, WhatsApp, email. Wechat/whatsapp: 86 15375513347 Email: candy@jzbrush.com

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